Reena Saini Kallat : Havana Biennial
Sedition, 30th April 2019

Letters from Cuba # 1
Leonor Amarante, Arte Brasileiros, 18th April 2019

Palace of Art
Gargi Gupta, DNA, 30th December 2018

Radical Exhibition Celebrates the Gaze of Six Female Indian Artists
Freire Barnes, Culture Trip, 16th August 2018

Facing India” exhibition in Wolfsburg: Stinky fingers for the patriarchy
Sertan Sanderson,, 1st May 2018

How 6 Female Indian Artists Are Using Their Voices Today
Balasz Takac, WideWalls, 26th April 2018

Reena Saini Kallat part of six women artists exhibiting at Facing India
Uma Nair, Architectural Digest, 13th April 2018

“Earth Families”: Indian artist Reena Saini Kallat at the Manchester Museum
Amita Kini Singh, Art Radar, 14th February 2018

Past and Present Meets Future at Mumbai Museum
Fiona Fernandes,, 20th January 2018

Paradise of paradoxes
Quddus Mirza, TNS, 31st December 2017

Reena Kallat: I wanted to use nature to demonstrate how we could co-habit
Radhika Iyengar, Livemint, 2nd October 2017

Reena Saini Kallat’s retrospective at Manchester Museum encompasses viewers in a binding vine
Uma Nair, Architectural Digest, 28th September 2017

Reena Saini Kallat, Earth Families
Anita Mahadevan, Art Satva, 19th August 2017

The way back home: Will we ever be the India that was envisioned?
Vandana Kalra, The Indian Express, 13th August 2017

Celebrating Tagore in Sweden
Millenium Post, 28th May 2017

Reena Kallat’s Saline Notations (fluid signs) @ the Colombo Biennale 2016 titled Conceiving Space curated by Alnoor Mitha
Matters of Art, 26th December 2016

Designing and Building for the World’s 65 Million Displaced People
Kelly Chan, Hyperallergic, 12th December 2016

Reena Kallat’s giant world map at the MOMA traces the global refugee crisis
Architectural Digest, 10th December 2016

Woven Chronicles
John Hill, World-Architects, 6th December 2016

Designing shelters, creating homes at MOMA
Katherine Roth, The Daily Star, 6th December 2016

Two MOMA design shows explore ways of living
Introspective Magazine, Fred A. Bernstein, November 28, 2016

MOMA’s ‘insecurities’ exhibition examines global displacement and shelter
Philip Stevens, designboom, 22nd November 2016

Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter at Museum of Modern Art, New York
Tausif Noor, Art Radar, 21st November 2016

Tracing Displacement and Shelter
Noah Chasin, llll 4Columns, 18th November 2016

Woven Chronicle-Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter
Medium, 17th November 2016

10 Highlights from the Busan Biennale 2016
Claire Wilson, Art Radar, 16th November 2016

Migration Routes as Conduits for Transformation
Arcade, 3rd November 2016

Identities, Nations, and Histories Painfully Stitched Together
Hyperallergic, Meenakshi Thirukode, January 8, 2016

Porous Passages Reflects on Differing Worldviews
ArtForum, Himali Singh Soin, 21st December 2015

Chemould Prescott Road opens exhibition of the work of Reena Saini Kallat
Artdaily, 23rd December 2015

Beyond the barbed wire
Chanpreet Khurana, Live Mint, 16th September 2015

Genetic engineering
Rosalyn D’Mello, Live Mint, 19th September 2015

Layer upon Layer
Payal Khandelwal, Open Magazine pg 54 – 57, 28th September 2015

Can art bind together warring nations?
Rosalyn DMello, Vogue, 23rd September 2015

Dividing Lines
Pooja Pillai, The Indian Express, 21st September 2015

Reena Saini Kallat explores geopolitical relations in wires
Arundhati Chatterjee, Hindustan Times, 21st September 2015

A divided existence
Ornella D’Souza, DNA, 20th September 2015

Finding Poetry in Politics
Reema Gehi, Mumbai Mirror, 20th September 2015

Contemporary Artists Series: A Conversation with Reena Saini Kallat
Farah Siddiqui, The CultureTrip, 2015

REREADING REENA KALLAT – Inside Burger collection
Quddus Mirza, Art Asia Pacific Magazine, July/Aug 2015

Woven Chronicle, Domus >>
posted on 15th June 2015

Reena Saini Kallat’s Public Art Installation Explores Migration, Longing In Vancouver >>
Nimritta Parmar, Huffpost British Columbia Canada, posted on 13th July 2015

Mumbai artist maps out web of wire at VAG Offsite >>
Sponsored content, Vancouver Observer, posted on 8th June 2015

Current Connections >>
Vandana Kalra, The Indian Express, 12th May 2015

Working Lives, AD Perspective,
Sanhita Chowdhury, Architectural Digest pg-76, January-February 2015

The Top 10 Female Contemporary Artists from India >>
C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia, The Culture Trip, 2014

Memories at work >>
Kanika Sharma, Mid-day, 8th November 2014

Aesthetic Bind Floating World >>
Gitanjali Dang, ArtAsiaPacific, April 2014

In Suspense
Phalguni Desai , Timeout Mumbai, March 2014

Chemould Prescott Road celebrates fifty years of contemporary art with Aesthetic Bind: Floating World >>
Geeta Kapur, Art Daily, 24th March 2014

ZegnArt enlists Reena Kallat to create a site-specific artwork in Mumbai, >>
JJ Martin, Wallpaper, 18th January 2013

Web design
Karanjeet Kaur,Timeout Magazine, pg 26-28, 15th March 2013

Arte pubblica a Mumbai. Intervista con Anna Zegna >>
Daniele Perra, Art Tribune, 1st March 2013

Reena Kallat On Her Mammoth, 1-ton Rubber-Stamp Cobweb at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai >>
Rosalyn D’Mello, Blouinart, April 1, 2013

Putting her stamp on it >>
Ramya Sarma, The Hindu, 9th March 2013

Stamp over Mumbai >>
Kishore Singh, Business Standard, New Delhi 8th March 2013

Weaving a tangled web >>
Deepanjana Pal, DNA, 3rd March 2013

Web of history >>
Sanaya Chavda, DNA, 13th March 2013

Web of history >>
Shweta Mehta, Hindustan Times, 16th March 2013

Public Art installation by Reena Kallat at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai >>
Manjari Sihare, Saffron blog,Posted on 14th March 2013

Weaving into networks, Buliding Cobwebs: Musings over Reena Saini Kallat’s recent work
Parni Ray, Take on Art/Eleven, pg 98, Volume lll

Stamping ground
Deepanjana Pal, Wallpaper magazine, pg 193 – 194, May 2013

Kaiwan Mehta, Domus, pg 5 – 10, April 2013

Web Design
Chumki Bharadwaj, India Today, pg 45 – 46, April 2013

Art Outside
Pavitra Mohan, Architectural Digest, pg 98, March-April 2013

Of Cobwebs & Crossings >>
Jigna Padhiar, India Art & Design, 1st March 2013

Art’s the Raj >>
Dylan Boey, Prestige Singapore, 3rd April 2013

Spectrum New Visual Idiom
Nonika Singh, The Tribune, February 19, 2012

Adrift in unknown waters: Reena Saini Kallat and the Art of letting go
Parni Ray, Artfair Magazine, Issue-3, pg 48 – 51, 2012

Walking the Art talk with the Kallats >>
Shobha Narayan, Live Mint, February 2012

Spectrum New Visual Idiom >>
The Tribune, February 19, 2012

Goteborg International Biennial >>
Art Etc, Vol.4, No. 2, 2011

Helsinki, January 2011

Brush With Reality >>
Sumaiya Khan, India Today Woman, pg. 20-21, April 2011

System overload
Shweta Upadhyay, Timeout Delhi, March 2011

Picking up the past >>
Parni Ray, ArtSlant, 4th April 2011

Art at “maximum INDIA” Festival Evokes Cultural Memory and Loss
Howard Cincotta,, March 7, 2011

Kennedy Center opens 3-week India arts festival >>
Brett Zongker, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2nd March 2011

The Eye and the Mind: New Interventions in Contemporary Indian Art
Rajeev Lochan, India Perspectives, Vol. 24, No. 6, 2010

Interview, Art Radar Asia >>
April 20, 2010

The Archives of the Heart
Nancy Adajania, Indian Contemporary Art Journal, Volume 1, Issue III,
Front Cover, pgs 42-45, 2009

Globale Kunst Mit Wurzelduft
Von Almuth Speigler, Die Presse, Feuilleton, 2nd September 2009

Landscapes of Loss
Beth Citron, The Art News Magazine of India, Volume XIV, Issue 1, 2009

Reincarnating History
The Big Picture, Architect and Interiors, July 2009

Stamp Collection
Georgina Maddox, The Sunday Express, 17th May 2009

Evolving Beyond Borders
Reshma S. Kulkarni, Bombay Times, Times of India, 15th January, 2009

Loss and Found
Marina Correa, DNA, Mumbai, 22nd January 2009

Focus India
Megha Ralapati, Flash Art, pg 114, January-February 2008

Come Together Right Now
Reema Gehi, HT Café, 15th February 2008

Such a Long Journey
Aparna S Sharma, Elle Magazine, pgs 115-117, February 2008

More than a Woman
Georgina Maddox, The Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 4th February 2008

Artist of the Fortnight
Maria Louis, Outlook Profit, pg 79, 18th April 2008

Deja View
Tara Khilachand, Live Mint, 20th December 2008

Terror Struck
Maria Louis, Outlook Profit, 26th December 2008

Name Calling
Deepanjana Pal, Timeout Mumbai, December 2008

Corruptions of Power
Shiladitya Sarkar, The Art News Magazine of India, Volume XI, issue IV, pgs 98-99, 2007

Over the Rainbow
Maria Louis, Interview, Verve Magazine, pg 78, November 2006

In a State of Perennial Siege >>
Nancy Adajania, The Hindu, Hyderabad, 29th October 2006

Her Crowning Achievement
Clara Chow, The Straits Times, 18th November 2006

Political Chaos
Deepali Nandwani, Beautiful people, pg 143, November-December 2006

Weapons of Mass Construction
Rituparna Som, DNA after Hrs, Mumbai, 9th October, 2006

Guns and Roses
Rachna Nakra, The Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 18th September 2006

Under Attack
Gitanjali Dang, HT Mumbai, 22nd September 2006

Time Traveller
Georgina Maddox, The Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 27th June 2006

The Flower and the Sword
Girish Shahane, The Art News magazine of India, pg 93, volume X issue I, 2004

India’s Top 100 Achievers
Society Magazine, pg 137, December 2004

Caught Between Demons
Nancy Adajania, The Hindu, 19th December 2004

En Reise Til India
Harald Flor, Dagbladet, Kultur, 2nd February 2003

Signs of Resistance
Nancy Adajania, The Hindu, 5th January 2003

Of the Goddess and Demon in the Mind
Debbie Rodgers, Sunday edition Vijay Times, Bangalore, 5th January 2003

Empathic Anger
Marta Jakimowicz, Deccan Herald, 23rd December 2002

Mysore Ek Khoj
Cross Fertilization of Culture, Interview in Star of Mysore, 27th October 2002

Linking Islands
Menaka Jayasankar, Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 15th February 2002

Creating to Destroy
Jasmine Shah Varma, The List, Mid Day, 22nd February 2002

Different Strokes
Georgina L Maddox, The Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 24th July 2002

Of Faith and Hunger >>
Abhay Sardesai, The Art News Magazine of India, Vol.V, issue IV, pgs 88-89, December 2000

The Murmur of Skin
Nupur Mahajan, Bombay Times, Times of India, 12th October 2000

Not just Skin Deep
Jasmine Shah Varma, The List, Mid-day, 4th October 2000

Inside Out
Menaka Jayasankar, Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline, 11th October 2000

Scintillating Skin
Vaibhav Purandare, The Asian Age, 14th October 2000

An Artist’s World: Roti, Makaan & Abstract Art
Poonam Goel, HT City, 23rd December 2000

Within you, Without you
Anu Kumar, Indian Express, Express Newsline, 2nd September 1998

Farming Intrigue
Jerry Pinto, The Times of India, Bombay Times, 3rd September 1998

Interactive Medium
Karen Pereira, Indian Architect & Builder, pgs 102-104, October 1998