Heal Anthem (2002)Heal Anthem (2002) Seven Degrees of Vapour… (2002)Seven Degrees of Vapour… (2002) Boreal Art/Nature Residency (2002)
Pollen Patterns (2002)Pollen Patterns (2002) Braiding the Line (2002) Untitled (2002)
Beautiful People of the… (2001)Beautiful People of the… (2001) Tent Cities (2000) Orchard of home-grown secrets (1998)Orchard of home-grown secrets (1998)
Joint Family (1998)Joint Family (1998) Escapades of the ladder occupants (1998)Escapades of the ladder occupants (1998) Recitals from the city-garden (1998)Recitals from the city-garden (1998)