Blueprint: Birthmarks and Tattoos, 2004

Blueprint: Birthmarks and Tattoos
digital prints on photographic paper
11 x 15 in. I 28 x 38 cm each (64 prints)
edition 5+AP

The work comprises of 64 prints of close-up shots of different body parts carrying multiple names stamped on them. The pictures attempt to trace the scars/marks on the body that can be said to be both inherited as well as adopted.The body here is treated as a document on which the identity of the individual is stamped; the complex web forming an interlaced mosaic evoking our cramped social networks where bodies co-exist and collide. The nature of that collision is determined by the identities of the colliding bodies. This photo-piece touches upon some of these ideas but formally speaking it will rely on the intricate interplay of the stamped text, the skin tones and colours to create a visually sensual land(body)scape.