Lunar Notes, 2007-2008

Installation view, Walsh Gallery, Chicago

Lunar Notes
bonded marble
108 x 150 in. I 274 x 381 cm
edition 3+AP

Lunar Notes (Anonymously Yours)
Hahnemuhle photorag archival paper
22.25 X 15.5 in. I 57 x 39 cm each (set of 20 prints)
edition 10+AP

The sculptural-installation emerged out of old photographic records I had made with names of lovers found scribbled onto public monuments, walls etc. What interested me as I casually went about documenting this love-graffiti, was the tendency to want to leave behind a mark, in a gesture of making public one’s private emotion of love.
This work, ambitious in scale and intricate in execution forms a curtain, comprising of hundreds of beads made in bonded marble carrying names of lovers that are strung vertically like rain drops. The formation of the beads on the curtain from a distance is suggestive of the Taj Mahal, the symbol that best memorializes love and is at the center of many a folklore. Unlike the Taj Mahal, which is a monumental, monolithic structure, the veiled curtain that part conceals, part reveals is a fluid, fragile and playful celebration of love. At a very formal level, it is also an engagement with sculpture or the visual manipulation of the sculpted object, its relationship to grand architecture at one end and graffiti on the other.


Installation view, Lunar Notes (Anonymously Yours), Walsh Gallery, Chicago
Acknowledgement: Sadashiv Kuncolienker