Fluid Geographies, 2023

Installation view, Lunuganga Southern Garden, Sri Lanka Fluid Geographies 2023 Granite stones and steel mesh 70 m x 20 m I 230 ft. x 65 ft This large-scale outdoor installation, which winds through the gardens of Lunuganga carrying a sense of movement across space, draws attention to man-made incisions on land. It evokes reflections uponRead More »Fluid Geographies, 2023

Pattern Recognition, 2023

Pattern Recognition 2023 Photo credits: Yves Salmon and Patrick Bethell, Commissioned by Artichoke: The Gallery, Season 3, 2023

Water Footprint, 2023

Water Footprint 2023 acrylic on linen 42 x 60 in. l 106 x  152 cm. detail Reference: Water Footprint Data ( Countries Population & Water footprint per capita-litre/ day)

Pattern Recognition, 2023

Installation view, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai Pattern Recognition 2023 72 part work, Electric wires and metal 120 x 66 in. l  305 x 168 cm (diptych) A passport is a portal to the world, but mobility is not equal for all. ‘Pattern Recognition’ draws attention to the ever-shifting, yet perpetually unequal politics of worldwide accessRead More »Pattern Recognition, 2023

Woven Chronicle, 2022

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland Woven Chronicle 2022 circuit boards, speakers, electric wires and fittings single channel audio (10 min.) 132 x 329 x 12 in. I 335 x 836 x 30 cm. Woven Chronicle is a collection of wall drawings that Kallat has been realising since 2011 with diverse content. This iteration shows theRead More »Woven Chronicle, 2022

Pattern Recognition, 2022

Installation view, Compton Verney, UK Pattern Recognition 2021 - 2022 Hahnemuhle archival photorag paper 29-part photowork A passport is a portal to the world, but mobility is not equal for all. In this conceptual, digital collage-based body of work Reena addresses the ever-shifting politics of access and inequity in the form of international travel  authorisations. While national bordersRead More »Pattern Recognition, 2022

Ruled Paper (red, blue, white), 2022

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland Ruled Paper (red, blue, white) 2022 electric wire on deckle - edge handmade paper 43 x 31 in. I 109 x 79 cm. each Ruled Paper (red, blue, white) are reminiscent of four-lined page notebooks used in schools to practice learning to write. While the straight lines provide a framework, they also convey an impressionRead More »Ruled Paper (red, blue, white), 2022

Vortex, 2022

Installation view, Compton Verney, UK Vortex 2022 Electric wires and metal 108 x 60 in. I 274 x 152 cm The tense borders intersecting rivers that flow between them form Vortex. This wall drawing has been made using electrical cables, a material that is symbolic of human connection, the transmission of energy and the exchangeRead More »Vortex, 2022

Deep Rivers Run Quiet, 2021-2022

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland Deep Rivers Run Quiet 2021 - 2022 gouache, charcoal, and water soluble pencil on deckled edge paper and Arches paper 43 x 30 in. l  109  x 76 cm. each (pentaptych) The meditative waterscapes in "Deep Rivers Run Quiet" originated through a process of drawing as an act of thinking. KallatRead More »Deep Rivers Run Quiet, 2021-2022