Siamese Trees, 2018-2019

Siamese Trees 2018-19 electric wires, metal, circuit boards, fittings In her works Reena Kallat seeks answers to perennial human conflicts by probing the natural world, often mixing the botanical and zoological to examine the political. In Siamese Trees, electrical wires have been painstakingly woven into inverted trees that conjoin to form human lungs. While theRead More »Siamese Trees, 2018-2019

Verso-Recto-Recto-Verso, 2017-2019

Installation View, 13TH Havana Biennial, Cuba Verso-Recto-Recto-Verso 2017-2019 tied and dyed silk Dimension variable The large scale installation titled, Verso-Recto-Recto-Verso comprises of textual scrolls rendered using the tie-and dye-process. The scrolls present the preambles to the constitutions of countries politically partitioned or in conflict. These are the constitutions of India and Pakistan, US and Cuba,Read More »Verso-Recto-Recto-Verso, 2017-2019

Leaking Lines, 2019

Leaking Lines 2019 electric wires, steel nails, charcoal, embossed and laser cut arches paper 31 x 31 x 2 in. l 79 x 79 x 5 cm. (each) 13 x 13 x 2 in. l 33 x 33 x 5 cm. (each) In Reena Kallat's works over the last several years the border, the territoryRead More »Leaking Lines, 2019

Enemy Properties, 2019

Untitled (Enemy Properties) 2019 four channel video installation with relief sculpture panels In the four channel video, one encounters architectural structures from pre-independence India that were designated “enemy properties” and annexed by the government during the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. The buildings were classified thus for their past association with individuals born inRead More »Enemy Properties, 2019

Woven Chronicle, 2018

Collection: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Woven Chronicle 2018 circuit boards, speakers, electric wires and fittings single channel audio (10 min.) 144 x 504 x 24 in. l 366 x 1447 x 61 cm. View timelapse video Map orientation is completely arbitrary since travelling through 3-dimensional space there is no reference of upRead More »Woven Chronicle, 2018

Chorus, 2017

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany Chorus 2017 painted FRP, metal, speakers single channel audio 107 x 119 x 75 in. I 272 x 302 x 190 cm. Chorus is modeled on pre-radar listening devices used to locate enemy aircrafts during the Second World War. The large dishes in these surveillance devices are called acoustic mirrorsRead More »Chorus, 2017

Cleft, 2017

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany Cleft 2017 gouache, charcoal, ink and electric wire on Fabriano paper 110 x 58 x 3 in. I 279 x 147 x 8 cm. each (diptych) Cleft follows Hyphenated Lives, a series of works by Reena Kallat that imagine hybrid flora and fauna by merging the national animals and plantsRead More »Cleft, 2017

Woven Chronicle, 2016

Installation view, Museum of Modern Art, New York Woven Chronicle 2011/2016 Circuit boards, speakers, electric wires and fittings; single channel audio (10 min.) 127 x 570 x 12 in. l 322 x 1447 x 30 cm. view timelapse video Treating electric wires as if they were yarn, Kallat created a woven map tracing the routesRead More »Woven Chronicle, 2016

Hyphenated Lives, 2016

Installation view, Kiswire Suyeong Factory, 10th Busan Biennale, Korea Hyphenated Lives 2016 gouache, charcoal, ink and electric wire on handmade paper, black boards, wooden vitrines, unfired clay, postcard Hyphenated Lives is a re-imagining of fantastical mutations within the natural world, where new hybridized species of birds and animals, trees and flowers otherwise foregrounded as nationalRead More »Hyphenated Lives, 2016

Saline Notations (fluid signs), 2016-2017

Installation view, Norrtalje Museum + Konsthall, Sweden Saline Notations (fluid signs - 2) 2017 digital print on archival paper + DIBOND, rock salt chunks, stamp from the Postmuseum, Stockholm and related material from the Nobel Museum archives black painted MDF boards, salt, clipboards, paper Reena Kallat's installation is centred on the photograph of a beach inscribed with the poemRead More »Saline Notations (fluid signs), 2016-2017